Which way Nigerians?

In a ‘rich’ country where people suffer yet smile
Untold hardship is what defines us –
Bad roads, inadequate power supply, no social amenities…
They come to us by air pretending not to know what goes on below
Who knows if they know?
But only prove not to know?

Day in and out,
Our eyes are filed with tears
And our mouth spit out the agony.
Our children suffer while adults die terribly
Yet we here the slogan, “we are heading somewhere”.

Heading somewhere, when infant mortality is the order of the day?
Heading somewhere, when graduates are massively jobless?
Heading somewhere you say,
When corruption has taken the lead role?

The pains,the hardship, the agony inflicted on us,
By our “wonderful” leaders, are unbearable.
They who told us –
Leave your door open
But sent wild thieves to us by night.
They who said –
Leave your house to our watch,
But all we had went poof! Into the thing air.
How many times do we have to repeat the same tunes of our cry?
How many times shall our petitions fly the air?


Do we have to engage in riot before they know our problems?
Do we have to burn houses before our voices are heard?
They fix the prices of commodities,yet purchase none.
They watch it happen online,
And yet tell us –
“We feel your pain”
Nigerian brothers, for how long shall we keep silent?
How long shall we be denied of things belonging to us?
The popular singer said it once and I repeat,
“Which way Nigerians? Which way to go?”

ADELEKAN Abosede Kafilat

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