In the 20th century, indecency is widely seen as a social malady, which is gradually becoming a norm that which African society is known for. “Indecency” are acts that lacks moral or sexual qualities or attitudes that are morally and sexually offensive. Especially in the aspects of dressing, indecent dressing “the delibrate exposure of one’s body to the public ” which now remains the Trojan horse which infiltrate the moral uprightness of people in the society. It as well includes Improper sitting posture or any form of seductiveness in dressing.

Indecency is known to have its origin from the entertainment industry which is as a result of impressing audiences, now has its way to every part of the earth, when the masses are really blinded and confused by the site called “celebrities” as they take them as models. Campuses are and used to be the hotbeds of this practice. Maybe because of the perceived freedom enjoyed here, students do whatever they like, including dressing inappropriately, places of worship are no longer sacred places as it is known to be.

Good and educated boys have been arrested alongside hooligans as a result of been fashionable, boys nowadays fix hairs, pierce ears, sagging, wearing tartarred clothes etc, making them look like hardened criminals.

The pride of women lies in the hidden and protected treasure, but when a girl exposes it to the public, it reduces her worth in the sight of everyone in the society and makes the man to lose respect for her. Thus there won’t be anything left for the man to explore. Any man that will come after her will only be doing so out of lust, just to devour what she has displayed for him.

Girls sold their womanhood, exposing womanhood parts like the navel, breast, tommy, heap etc. Ladies dress half naked to functions, for instance Nigeria ladies derive pleasure in wearing miniskirts, bumper shorts, armless tops etc. Dressing in a manner that parents,society, and religion frowns at, are vogues termed “civilization”.

Indecency has it cause from: Poor parental guidance; Reasonably parents are not to be a part of this problem but nowadays, parents encourage their offspring by buying them these kinds of clothes or recommend them to the children to attend parties, some parents are victims of this promiscuity, as they never act to promote good morals. They believe a child has its right to decide what they wants to be. Peer influence is another cause,when a girl is brought up admist girls with no good morals, the probabilities of been influence by peer pressure is high. Demonic oppression and destruction; is another factor,the devil is using this medium to ruin the legacy of youths. Influence of foreign culture through the internet and other mediums, the European culture which has made its way into African ways of life especially in the aspect of dressing, which makes our dressing to be negatively influenced. Immorality and Conscienceless; some girls dress indecently out of lack of conscience and unawareness that they are bad, they see it as a normal way of dressing because that’s the way people around them dress. Most are aware, while some indecent dressers with conscience drag their miniskirts down every minutes, the conscienceless ones will never care.

The effect of this outrageous character on our society cannot be overemphasized; this nonchalant attitude is capable of causing some societal unrest and inbalances. There is a popular saying, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” The way one dresses determines the way he or she will be addressed. And as such if a person dresses properly and decently, such a person will attract respect and the person’s dignity will be protected. But when one is indecently dressed, he or she will attract disrespect, harassment, scandals and even rape which most of these people daily experience.

Secondly, is moral decadence caused by indecency, it contributed most to the lapses in moral standard of the society.
Enhancement for rituals: Some ladies attract ritualist as they see them as endowed gifts for rituals, due to carelessness and inadequate mode of dressing girls becomes victims of ritual.

Cultism, robbery and prostitution

Poor performance in school and Inability to complete ones studies (Dropout): Some student are carried away by this act,when they do their possible best to dress in order to impress and attract opposite sex rather than doing their best to face their primary assignment on campus, some dropout as a result of low grades, they become victims of malpractices and at the end they are caught and been rusticated by the school management.

Eradicating Indecent dressing is now so hard to correct in our society as common phrases arr used like; “Only God can judge me, you can’t”, “Leave them alone”,“Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion”, “Mind your business”, ” I don’t live my life to please anybody” etc. These phrases have become so common in our society that one can’t condemn any wrong doings again because the rewards are usually curses, malice, hatred and condemnation. However,we must not relent in the task of eradicating the menace. There are various ways in which indecent dressing can be reduced in our society, at least to a minimum level;
Role modelity of parents: Now parents should serve as good model to their wards, and impact good ways of life and the fear of God in them. Promotion of cultural values; cultural values should be promoted by religious institutions and leaders. Enforcement of dress codes in institution; dress codes should be strictly enforced.

For instance at University of Ilorin; the university management really condemn such an act of immorality. As indicated in the school motto; the university only award degrees to only those that are worthy in learning and character. Thus, discipline and modesty serve as the University watchwords. As it is generally presume that forewarned is forearmed, the university authority,during the yuletide break, endeavour to send message to each and every student of the university, specifically to disseminate information to students as to the form of dress codes allowed while on campus. The university strongly believes that proper dressing is an act which is necessary to excel in one’s field, and needed in life after graduation. There is fine in form of warnings to ignorant first-time offenders and more stringent disciplinary actions await those that occasionally violate the dressing ethics. inculcation of this by institutions will aid decrease in the rate of indecent dressing. Decency should be promoted by the mass media,the mass media is capacitated to influence its audience, so they should also help to cub this act.

More so, exhibition of good morals should be the motive of the “celebrities” as they can help to reflect good morals of African culture to the world, and that the youths can inculcate good dressing ethics from them. And finally, personal individuals should stand to their feet to correct this err without looking at the consequences, like the great communicator, Toba Opaleye of blessed memory, who has in all capacity stand against this act.

One of the notable values of Africa is its rich cultural background, and as such, there is no time in our history that indecent dressing can be linked to our heritage.Africans are known for their culture and dignity, whereas, the urge for Western culture is not only corrupting us but driving our values to extinction. Also creating social instabilities and imbalances in our society.

Inasmuch as we are entitled to our own opinion, we should try to dress moderately; we should dress to our standard and not to drag our family name to the mud. Dressing decently makes you mature, responsible and loved by all because everyone appreciates good things. And with this indecency will be reduced to the lowest end.

AbdulAzeez, AbdulMaleek

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