Suicide? -An Open Letter to all Youths, Parents and Teachers.

Just like corruption, suicide has all of a sudden found it’s way into our society. This year alone I have heard not less than 5 stories/incidents of different suicide cases!

It is more unfortunate that suicide is quite rampant among the youths- youths who have goals and aspirations and a lot to contribute to the development of the Nation!

Dear youth, please note that depression will come, down time will show it’s face, frustration will occur, but suicide will never provide solution to any of these. Irrespective of whatever it is, suicide is never an option!

Dear parents and lecturers, the earlier we understand that success in life is not tied to academic excellence alone the better. It’s high time you stopped treating your wards/students like a dissappointment for not making the grades you are expecting!

Dear Employer, consider your employee whom you are placing unnecessary pressure on. You may not be aware of what he is passing through, take a chill pill and be cool as his death won’t bring you any joy!

To the depressed soul, please speak up, don’t die in silence. Share whatever it is you are passing through with someone.
Let all bodies concerned please take caution as together we can say NO TO SUICIDE.

Suicide is never an option!
I say no to Suicide!
Stay free from worries!
Be happy!

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