A society that is not well care for, will later be a harmful gains to the individual who live in it. So many things goes on in the society we live in; it may be a big or small society. After all, a society started from the family; an individual homes made up the society.

The term street child refers to a boy or girl who has not reached adulthood and for whom the street has become a habitual abode and/or source of livelihood; and who is inadequately protected, supervised, or directed by responsible adults or society. In the same way, street children could also be poor or homeless children below the age of an adult who spend all or high quality time living and hawking on the streets of a city, town, or village.

Street children come from all walks of life, from all around the world. Many street children come from structurally disadvantaged homes with poor living conditions. Parental loss through deaths or shortages of housing force children onto the streets in order to survive. In a nutshell, children who are from poor families in our societies are likely to find themselves on the streets, since the belly will not stop asking for food. According to Le Roux (w.y.) street life is an adaptive response to stress experienced by families living in poor conditions. The move onto the streets can represent a desire to take control and displace old values and habits with new ones.


According to Lugalla and Mbwambo, 1995; there are lots of causes for this problem, some are natural and others are man-made. Children have lost contact with their parents or families, which results the loss of the children in the streets. Some children are the offspring of prostitutes. Some families reject their children if there are handicapped. Some respectable parent disowned their own child because he/she is an outcome of an affair. In those causes the background is not allows poor. A multitude of factors contribute to the global rise of street children, push factors including: poverty, violence, neglect, abuse and peer pressure. Life on the streets open up and expose these children to a world of drug addiction, sexual abused and exploitation, labor exploitation, involvement in criminal activities, and violence by police and criminal gangs. Odds are stacked against them, they being exposed to the elements, having unreliable access to food, lack of education and medical treatment and care. Addiction, abuse and illness are high, as is vulnerability.


Street children problems

To reach out the problems of the street children and how to help street children who are facing a number of problems including protection, shelter, limited access to food and the education, we may go to them directly to know the intensity of their problems. We may not be able to help them out from getting them out of all their problems, but perhaps we can solve some of them.

Public awareness

Many of the public do not even know about the street children. Awareness mean that the we can inform as more people as we can about the problems of the street children and what can we do to help street children. The increasing of the public awareness can be very helpful in this regard. We can state the people by telling the stories of different kinds of street children. By sharing the problems of the street children to those who even do not know about the problems faced by the street children and what can we do to help street children. For this, we need to go to the door to door to make the people sure that they are ready to help out these children.

Development centers should be risen

Development places are the best organizations and the services for street children. If we want to help the street children, there is dire need to analyze the problems of these children and know the ways of how to help street children. Development centers help the street children at large scale as they know more about their problems and know the better solutions to their problems. These development centers offer and provide the street children all the facilities that the common children enjoy at their homes. These centers never let the children feel that they are in the centers, not in their home. The goal of the development centers in how to help street children for street children are to make them ready to take part in all the healthy activities of life.

The role of schools

The role of education in how to help street children is always to create the big personalities for the country and the world. The schools can take these children to schools to decrease their number. But the schools can also prepare the children so that the children may not resort to the negative activities such as drug addiction, especially for street children. Schools can teach the children and help the child to become an engineer, a doctor, or a pilot as the others normal children. In this way, they can decrease the number of schools children if they recognize how to solve the problem of street children as well as their interest of the children to leave their houses and go to the streets.

Volunteers work for the street children

The public welfare free workers always exist to work in the favor for the street children as they are willing to know the problems and know the ways how to solve the problem of street children. They work for the public free of cost; therefore, it is very advisable to get their services for the street children to decrease the number. The increase in the number of volunteers may be very helpful in decreasing the number of street children. To know the ways how to solve the problem of street children, we must know the problem they are facing.

Responses by governments

No doubt, some governments have held programs to tackle with street children, the general solution of how to solve the problem of street children placing the street children into, juvenile homes, orphanages, or correctional institutions. Struggles have also been made by a number of governments to help or to support with semi-government services and the organizations.
The general public, instead of, the organizations and the institutions that care street children, may also assist the street children and help the government to realize how to solve the problem of street children. The rehabilitation centers also play an important role in healing the street children and make them prepare to resort again to their home as the streets are not their home.

In conclusion, the street child phenomenon is an alarming and escalating worldwide problem. Street child issues has become a root problems to the society and the country at large. In this view, there is need to always see them as an important values and access of the future, they need to be taking care of, and it is noted that future research should make free education to reach out for the educating the street children. The various agents in the society such as; family, school, peer group and mass media, government etc should come together in one accord to curb the menace of street children eating deep in the society.

Ariwayo Dayo Sophia


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