It has become a phenomenum and a tradition by tradition by Nigeria tertiary institution for students to go through financial stagnation at a point in time during their academic calendar. However, this finance stagnation period has been given a term or name mostly in the western part of Nigeria institution as ‘Igbeyin’. They use the locality where the institution both university or polytechnic is based is used to complete and complement the name.

IGBEYIN is a yoruba word meaning ‘The end’ or ‘End’ so if the institution local name is Ijagun, it would be referred to as ‘Igbeyin Ijagun’ meaning ‘the end of Ijagun’. There is also a school I know of based at Ojere(Mapoly Abeokuta), it financial stagnation would be referred to as Igbeyin Ojere. As earlier said, this term talk about the end as the period of Financial crises and not the end of the institution geographical boundary.

It is very obvious as students live a luxury all the beginning of every semester. At this point, students could afford everything that comes their way like clothing, footwares, foods, snacks, handouts and so on. But towards the end of the semester, there is always wants and needs by students. This needs specially falls on foodstuff and provisions for consumption. However, there are different scenarios that could explain Igbeyin IJAGUN. In a situation where by a student could not afford to buy the full ingredients for cooking Jollof rice, he/she uses either groundnut oil or palm oil, red chilli pepper (Ata gungun), Maggi if available and salt to cook the rice.

In a nutshell, ‘Igbeyin’ is all over the Tertiary Institution in Nigeria. The students finds a way to satisfy their hunger by drinking common food called ‘Garri’ (Cassava flacks) with beans or mixture of beans and garri.

Β© Odumbakut Oluwatobiloba

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