Having seen a lot of happenings on campus, the topic on discourse ‘Couples Life on Campus’ has been a rampant issue like a wildfire in our tertiary institutions. Before I delve deeper, what is the term couples life?

Couples life simply means the act or situation whereby two individuals: a lady and a guy resides in the same apartment/hostel performing the duty of married couples without being legally married.

The practice of couples life is strife to the point that it has become the usual way of campus life. Thus kind of relationships came in various guises and aliases such as, campus marriages, campus coupling etc. Obviously designed to give the unwholesome act an acceptable terminology. This growing term is gradually eroding the level of morality among youths in Nigeria tertiary institutions.

Our society has now so degenerated that nobody perceives students couples life as a threat to life and our educational system. ‘Campus couples life’ now looks so normal in our universities environment that the people who indulge in it are awarded and crowned as ‘young/best couples of the year’ by other students at the end of every academic calendar.

Unarguably, students who are living as couples on campus totally forget their primary assignments in school and focus on the growth of their relationships in all aspects. These include; satisfying their lustful desire, exposing themselves to social activities, caring for their spouse etc. which eventually leads to distraction from studying and poor academic performance.

Students who opts for this kind of life on campus live their lives explaining every bit of their movement and actions to their partner and also bear partially all the responsibilities of a married man or woman.

Furthermore, the risk of unwanted pregnancy or STDs is much, and as a result increased the rate of abortion on Nigeria campuses. This is because neither of the parties is prepared for any parental responsibilities. Also, the risk of contacting sexual transmitted diseases is equally high due to unprotected sex and apathy of either partner state of health.

Well, there you have it. Nothing beats a focused, undivided attention when it comes to learning. You can’t combine living a life full of responsibilities (cooking for your partner, executing chores of two, intuitiveness for two etc.) with your academics, the two together cannot stand without producing failure. Left to you – the reader, ‘Couples Life On Campus,’ should it be condemned or complimented?

© Olayinka Olawunmi

16 thoughts on “COUPLE’S LIFE ON CAMPUS”

    1. Hmm….. I’m really perplexed with this great write-up from a wonderful writers.
      “Couples life on campus”, should be condemned or appraised. From my own viewing on this topic, I will like to say couples life on campus should be condemned totally from the tertiary education system in Nigeria.

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      1. Good write up, Couples life on campus should be condemned. It is immoral and biblically it is wrong. Some many lives and destiny have been destroyed as a result this.

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    2. Nice write up. The rate of moral decadence is extremely high everyone one is running from the truth, but when are we going to stop running. The truth must be heard!!!

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  1. Its indecent in all aspects.. And I think it should be condemned.. God said one is not meant to carry out any wife obligations fr a guy who is yet to take one to the alter but on campus you see young girls doing everything and more fr a man who can man up to take responsibilities of seeing one’s parents it’s ridiculous.. And I think it should be Condemned.

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    1. Wow nice write up! It is just one of the reason some parents never want to give their girls child the liberty to school out side their environment.


  2. Condemned💯

    Failure to segregate your academic and personal life literally leads to failure now imagine adding an extra burden to yours……
    And most of them turn their relationship to their priority forgetting the reason why they’re here.
    The truth must be heard😩😩😩😩😩

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  3. It Should be totally condemned because it is wrong spiritually,morally.Wrong exposure,lack of understanding and civilization to mention but a few,has made the Youths of this dispensation to believe that certain practices and behaviours are normal and acceptable.God help us!

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  4. Couples life on campus Should be condemned,most of them don’t know the repercussion of what they are doing,i have seen so many of them here on campus,it is against God’s will,what ever you are doing and your parent doesn’t know about it why should you do it.most especially it affects the lady’s cause you won’t be free y living like you are in bound to someone?and such guy may not end up with you,lady’s be wise.


  5. Wow nice write up! It is just one of the reason some parents never want to give their girls child the liberty to school out their environment.


  6. Wow nice writeup 👍…. Couples life on campus should be condemned…. It makes one loose focus on his primary assignment. And it is nt biblical. Couples life on campus is a typical example of “married in school, single at home. It should be totally condemned


  7. It should be grossly condemned..

    The primary purpose of an institution is to give adequate mental power to students so that they can be useful to the larger world. Any other social activity in the school should also be geared towards this purpose not in variance to it.
    Couples life on campus cannot in any way add any tangible benefit to the future of this generation it is just an avenue for slothness and moral decadence…

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  8. Couple’s life on campaign should be totally abolished because it makes students to loose focus on their academics,it leads to early pregnancy and low level of moral decadence. It is against God’s will because the bible didn’t support it

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